Dragon Ball Fighter Z Review

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Review


Dragon Balls the Name Fighting’s the Game


Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a Dragon Ball fans dream fighting game. The game has a solid roster that features classic characters as well as new characters from Dragon Ball Super. The game features a brand new story as well, we no longer have to do the same three story arcs in the Dragon Ball universe.  As an added bonus the game introduced a new villain Android 21 who is a Majin similar to Majin Buu or Kid Buu to give you an idea. Plus Android 21 is an unlockable character by beating the games story mode which is commendable. That is right gamers you have to play the game in order to access the new character you cannot buy her via microtransactions.

Also for those of you who did not pre-order the game you did not get day one access to Super Sayain Blue Vegeta or Goku. Well do not worry they are also unlockable by playing certain maps on the arcade mode on the highest difficulty. For those of you who want to unlock SSB Goku you must complete the Hyperbolic Time Chamber map on the hardest difficulty. For those of you who want to unlock SSB Vegeta you must complete the Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course on the hardest difficulty.

Here is a full video review and breakdown of the game (Video By: WuZilla):

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  • Original story
  • No microtransactions
  • In depth tutorial
  • Unique combos for each character
  • Good size roster
  • Attention to detail between characters
  • No characters play the same
  • Easy to play hard to master
  • Huge learning curve
  • Solid graphics
  • Great stage themes
  • Plenty of game modes to hold gamers attention



  • The servers need a massive amount of work
  • The game does not reward defensive play entirely
  • The games constant mention of the show can confuse those unfamiliar with the anime

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