Fortnite Will Add Crossbow in Upcoming Update

Fortnite Will Add Crossbow in Upcoming Update


Coming to a Retail Rail Near You

Epic continues to support their free to play title that shocked the world Fortnite. Well the fee updates and push of content has not stopped with Fortnite, in this upcoming update new skins and a crossbow will be added. Now Fortnite has suffered a variety of issues in the past few weeks with the servers and the inconsistent hit detection. All is not lost however because the people at Epic were working vigilantly to get the game running properly. So in this game latest update they will be adding a few new skins and the once rumored crossbow.

Things that should be noted about the Crossbow

  • arrows are an unlimited ammo type
  • can be found anywhere
  • comes in both rare and epic variants.

For those of you who interested in the full patch notes you can read about it HERE.

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