Ubisoft Super Sale on PS4 and Xbox

Ubisoft Super Sale on PS4 and Xbox


Ubisoft Giving Out Deals

For those of you who are interested in stocking up on Ubisoft games you may have missed now is the time. Those of you who are console have a great opportunity to play a few games that have got better with time. One of those games would be Rainbow Six Siege this game had a plethora of issues and some how bounced back to the for front of premier first person shooters. Another game would be Tom Clancy’s The Division this game had issues with the lack of content and of course bugs and glitches.

It seems that games released by Ubisoft are released broken but are somehow brought back to life with patches, and adding content that brings back gamers. Their latest game Ghost Recon Wildlands is currently going through changes to bring the game to glory. However it must be noted that these sales are on PS4 and Xbox so to my pc gamers we do not get to enjoy these deals. (At this point in time).

For those of you who are interested in finding out these games here is a video discussing it. (Video By: Wuzilla):

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